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Rug cleaning products come in handy when one has bought a nice and expensive rug only for it to be stained, be it accidentally or through an accident caused by a child who is playing. Owners of area and oriental rugs will agree that an individual’s favourite rug is priceless and as such, outmost care has to be taken to ensure that the rug lasts for as long as possible. Like any other décor such as paintings that may be placed in a room, rugs contribute to the overall décor and elegance of a room. Rugs however unlike other home beautification paintings are usually placed in areas that have a high amount of traffic and as such they are highly likely to trap dirt as individuals walk on them which may lead to the rugs losing their colour and eventually becoming a sore sight.

Just like carpets, rugs at most times act as air filters for an individual’s living space as they trap bacteria, allergens and dirt and prevent it from spreading to other areas of the house. However, rugs will only carry out these functions if they are well maintained and kept dry and clean. Just like the ventilation systems and air filters that are found in homes, rugs need to be cleaned regularly with a focus on detail to ensure that rugs are returned to their original pristine look while removing all other additives that may be stuck on the rug which may lower quality. It is important for the individual carrying out rug cleaning to be well versed in the art to avoid spoiling the rug during the cleaning process and to also ensure that they get all the dirt off the item so far. Use of certified equipment and cleaning agents that specifically suits the rug that one wants to clean be it an oriental, synthetic, wool or cotton rug is important. If an individual uses cleaning agents that are not meant to be used for a specific rug type, this may lead to irreparable damage on the so far rug.

When an individual is cleaning their rug, it is crucial that one is gentle in the process to ensure that they leave the rug in its original process. Cleaning should leave the rug with its original colour and dye intact while leaving the fibres fresh and vibrant. It essentially does not make sense for an individual to clean a rug only for it to come out looking worse than it was at the start of the process. When an individual is looking for cleaning agents for their rugs, it is important to choose farse agents that do not leave residue on the rug as this may cause the rug to attract more dirt in an even shorter period of time negating the cleaning process that one has just carried out. The right agents will ensure that one’s rug leaves it safe for their kids and pets to use without fear of contracting any health problems.

What is the best procedure to follow when cleaning rugs?

Cleaning rugs is a delicate process that should start once an individual rolls the rug out. By maintaining clean rugs, an individual can protect their investment which means lower maintenance costs. Removal of insects, dust, regular vacuuming and instant treatment of spills which may occur on the rug are essential part of care which is all part of cleaning. For rugs that may have undergone extensive damage or delicate ones that are made of wool or may be handknitted, cleaning may require a professional because if done the wrong way, the damage may be irreparable.

Cleaning a rug involves two main processes which we shall look at

1. Maintaining a clean rug

Ensuring that one’s rug stays clean starts with maintenance of the rug. The first step in maintenance is ensuring that the rug is vacuumed regularly. Once a month, an individual should roll the rug over and clean the dirt that may have accumulated at the bottom. Vacuuming using a rotating brush usually helps push the dirt that may be trapped towards the bottom of the rug. For synthetic rugs, an individual can use the rotating brush on both the front and the first side of the rug but for other types of rugs especially those made out of wool, only the suction feature on a vacuum should be used for the front part. One should however remember to ensure that they do not use the vacuum to remove dirt that may be trapped on the fringes as it may get caught in the suction leading to tears. Fluffing the fringes with hands is all that is required to get the dirt off them.

Foot patterns can wear out the rug and it is thus important for an individual to constantly change the way a rug is placed in a room to avoid the formation that a pattern of feet leave over time. When moving the rugs, it is also important for an individual to roll the rug to avoid to avoid the formation of creases and folds which may complicate the cleaning process and tear the fibers making it harder for the one cleaning the rug to get all the dirt off.

If one’s carpet has started to show fading of colour, Vinegar can be mixed with water to restore the colour of the carpet and its shine. One can mix one part of vinegar and two parts of water then blot slowly in the direction that the carpet design is going . One should take care not to dampen the carpet or expose it to the sun after applying vinegar as these may bleach the colours of your favourite carpet.

Another way for individuals to clean a rug is by applying Borax on the rug to kill insect infestations that may occur. One should sprinkle it on the rug for approximately twenty minutes then vacuum the rug while making sure that no pets are around to inhale the Borax as it is a toxic irritant.

2. Treating Spots and Stains which may cover your Favourite Rug

It is important for rug owners to clean spots as soon as they appear to prevent the stain from becoming part of the rug. Before cleaning the rug however, it is important for an individual to test their rug with a white damp cloth to ensure that the colours of the carpet do not run off which may spoil the aesthetics of one’s carpet. On cleaning the rug, one should never allow it to dry on the floor as this may cause damage to the tiles.

An individual should blot the spillage that has occurred on the rug with a white cloth and press down repeatedly on the area that has a spillage. Once the spot with the spillage has been removed, one should then move the towel in straight lines and never in a circle as this may damage the way the fibres of the rug are constructed.

Best Rug Cleaning Products

What is the best cleaning product for my type of rug? That is the question that one should ask themselves before purchasing any cleaning product. Below is a review of the best cleaning agents available in the market today.

BISSELL 2X Pet Stain & Odor Portable Machine Formula, 32 ounces, 74R7 

rug cleaning product

This product can be used to remove stains and odours that have been left on rugs and carpets by pets. It can also be used in cleaning machines as well as for blotting purposes. This product contains no brighteners which may destroy the colour coding of a product and it also does not contain ammonia or nay other dyes which may alter the colour of an individual’s carpet so far. The product contains a 2* power formula which allows users to gain more cleaning power while paying for less. This product cost 10 USD in online retail markets.

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Hoover AH30330 Cleanplus 2X Concentrated Carpet Cleaner and Deodorizer, 64oz

rug cleaning products

This cleaner comes with a 2* power concentration which is bound to make stain removal easier. The cleaning detergent is also non-toxic and bio degradable which makes desirable for use on rugs, upholstery and it can also be used in cleaning machines. The product has a fresh and clean linen smell which leaves the rug smelling fresh and new. The products usually retails at 15 USD in many online stores.

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Bissell 78H6B Deep Clean Pro 2X Deep Cleaning Concentrated Formula, 48 ounces

rug cleaning product

This product can be used for cleaning stains and soil that may be deeply rooted in the rug. It also comes with a scotch guard protector to ensure that the carpet does not get any further stains. It also has a 2* cleaning power that ensures the buyer gets their money’s worth when buying the product. The production formula that this cleaning agent is based on does not contain dyes, brighteners which may spoil the colour of the rug, heavy metals or phosphates such as ammonia which makes it ideal for use in expensive rugs made of wool. This product is available for 22USD in most online retail markets such as amazon.

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Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover Carpet Shampoo

rug cleaner

This water-based cleaning formula is designed to be used on rugs that can only be washed with water or for steam cleaners. Its formula allows the product to penetrate deep in rug fibres to allow it extract new and old stains which may have been forgotten as well as odours, dirt and other allergens that may be hidden between the carpets fibres. It also contains an enhanced odour of the removal formula to remove permanent and strong odours which may have permeated in to one’s carpet. This cleaning agent also contains rug conditioners and brighteners but does not have any phosphates in its formula. This product goes for 12 USD on online retail platforms.

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Hoover 2X PetPlus Pet Stain & Odor Remover 32 oz. AH30325

rug cleaner 5

This cleaning agent can be used to clean dirt upholstery and carpets and has been designed to remove dirt and stubborn grime which can be found hidden deep in rug fibres. This product also has a cotton breeze scent which leaves the carpet with a clean and fresh smell. An added advantage is that the product is non-toxic and is also highly biodegradable. This product can be found in online retail markets for the price of 12 USD.

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Spot Shot 009868 Instant Carpet Stain Remover 14 oz. Aerosol

easy carpet cleaning

This product can be used to clean stains immediately they appear. It comes in aerosol can unlike most other cleaning agents which come in liquid form. This product can also remove old stains in rugs if it used according to the right specifications. This product can be found in the market for around 47 USD.

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One should always remember to treat the rug according to the spill that has occurred. Mud and other mild stains can be removed by simply blotting and carrying out a little vacuuming but other serious stains could require the use of chemicals mainly mild acid and disinfectant to remove any debris that may be covering the rug. Ammonia can be used in non-wool rugs to remove some serious stains. If the rug is soaked, the best idea would be to take it to the cleaners as damage that is caused by water cannot be reversed or be treated without a deep expertise in cleaning rugs so well. For rug stains that require the use of ammonia, it is best to take valuable rugs to professionals. Woollen rugs should not be exposed to ammonia since with every cleaning, the fibres usually degrade and shrink. If the stain has been caused by urine, an individual can minimize the odour by cleaning the rug using one part vinegar, three parts water and a third detergent. One can then blot the rug using a white towel and repeat the treatment if the rug is discoloured. When drying a rug that has been cleaned at home, it is crucial to clean it with a fan and not direct sunlight as bleaching can occur which can cause degradation of a rug’s fibres and also destroy the colour coding in the product so far.



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