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The word carpet probably comes from the Latin word ”carpere” meaning ”to card, to pluck”. It gives a root to today’s word carpet used to define a floor covering which is made with different materials such as nylon, wool, polyester etc. The better materials will give a higher quality of carpet and also will determine it’s price. Carpets are made up of two layers: an upper layer (called pile) and a backing layer. The pile can be made of wool or from the synthetic fibres, but synthetic fibers are more popular because they are more affordable cheap carpets (cheap rugs)

The term carpet can be used interchangeably with rug, but the term carpet applies to a ‘wall to wall’ textile covering and rug applies to non ‘wall to wall’ textiles coverings. I will be using both terms to discuss any textile on the floor, big or small.

Although carpets were used in history for different purposes (for example people used them as wall hangings) today they are used mostly for a few more important purposes such as increasing warmth in the room and isolating feet from a cold flooring for warm reasons. The best carpets for this purpose is certainly woven carpets which are also good for reducing walking sounds, and that is especially important in todays apartments.

Apart from those practical purposes of carpets, it is an inevitable part of every modern home to have modern rugs. Today it can be found a large number of carpets satisfying everyone’s tastes and make the interior of home attractive. Also, a wide selection of carpet’s colors can make your living space peaceful and relaxing.

Bit of history about carpets

The history of carpets is a very long, it is believed that the first and oldest carpets comes from 7th-century bc. The very first purpose of carpets was keeping warmth in the rooms while nomadic tribes used them even for sleeping. Today we use carpets not only for saving our feet and health from cold grounds but also for esthetic reasons. It can decorate a living space and with very little other details you can have cozy and pretty comfortable home.

Popular carpet types by their geographical origins

Persian carpets – When we talk about carpets the first thing that crosses our minds is Persian carpets. They are a significant part of the rich Persian-Iranian culture. There are historical evidence that Persian carpets are firstly made in the bronze age. But the most beautiful Persian carpets are made on the end of the medieval age, and the are famous for its beauty and splendor. Today Iranian carpets are the most famous in the world.

Chinese carpets– China have a long tradition of manufacturing carpets but only for intern usage. From 19th century they started to export it. Today China exports high-quality carpets. It should be mentioned that Chinese carpets are different from other oriental carpets because they are made especially from natural fibers with a design that reminds of their ancient mythology so the most carpets have symbols of dragons and Chinese letters.

Indian Carpets – Becomes famous with the arrival of Muslim conquerors and from then, they are one of the most wanted carpets in the rest of the world. They are very popular by the density of their knots, and the most common motives used in manufacturing are hindu-Buddhism and motives from Muslim culture.

It is very important to mention Afghanistan carpets which are made of very good natural materials and are much cheaper at the same time.

Armenian carpets are created from finest wool dyed in natural colours, and they come in large dimensions, but they are not so popular like other oriental carpets.

Today the most popular carpets online on the market are Scandinavian carpets when it comes to modern carpets design (think Ikea rugs). Apart from modern motives, they are high-quality carpets, easy for maintenance. They follow needs and desires of contemporary man, so they can usually be found in smaller dimensions, easy for moving and changing place of living. Types of carpets and rugs can be found below.

Different materials used in rugs and carpets online

The difference between carpets comes from the way of manufacturing, as well as from the various materials that are used in process of making. The quality of carpets online depends on both materials and techniques of producing. The materials can be natural and synthetic. There are two kinds of synthetic fibers that are used in the manufacturing of carpets: Polypropylene and nylon, because of their good characteristics such as sustainable and easy maintenance, they are the most wanted carpets today. They are affordable and that also makes them very popular.

Wool carpets – When it comes to natural fibers, wool is unbeaten today, and that comes from it special structure (natural polymer). The most popular type of wool is merino wool, that comes from merino sheep, while the world’s record in fineness of merino wool keeps New Zealand. Apart from the wool, carpets can be made of other natural materials such as cotton, silk and flax.

Nylon Carpets – This synthetic fiber is the most common in the manufacturing of carpets because of its resilience, also it can be colored during stretching or in the later phase of production. Nylon is very similar to the wool when it comes to characteristics.

Polypropylene rugs is another kind of synthetic material that is much more used than nylon because it’s cheaper. But the bad side of this synthetic fiber is that it is very hard to be colored. Carpets made from this material are persistent on water and stains, so this is the best choice for living space. These carpets have lasting colors that don’t fade during the time. This material is often used in red carpet runners.

Polyester Carpets is another kind of synthetic fiber that is usually used for making carpets. It is very good because it’s soft, and looks attractive at the same time. It is not very resistant and it is generally used covering floors in sleeping rooms as well as the rooms where the children play.

Acrylic Carpets made of acrylic are the most similar to woven carpets, because it is very resistant, and on the market, it can be found in various colors and designs. It is much more easy to clean acrylic carpet (because the fibers don’t absorb the dirt) than the carpet made of wool.

Also, it is very similar to wool because of his softness.

There are many different ways to make a carpet

Woven carpets – as it is mentioned previously, wool is probably the best material for making carpets because of its durations, quality and it’s easy to be painted in various colors which also makes carpets appearance much more interesting and beautiful. When it is mixed with synthetic fibers, it will increase its duration and quality. Most often contains 80% of wool and 20% of synthetic fibers such as nylon. This can make carpet lasts very long, even more, that 100 years. Wool is a very expensive material, so it is very hard to find it on the open market. The most popular and best quality carpets are made from New Zealand wool, which contains the biggest part of long and strong fibers. This unique fiber makes a carpet very sustainable and soft at the same time. Woven carpets are easy to keep clean, it’s recommended for the best carpet cleaner.

Needle felts– This type of carpets is very strong because it contains synthetic materials, which makes it much more densely. Carpets made of this materials have a sharp surface, so they are usually used in public places such as hotels, gardens, hospitals and etc. Felt can also be used to create felt rug pads, which are ideal to keep the floor from getting scratches. 

Tufted carpets– Tufted carpets are made in the special process called tufting, which includes special multi-needle sewing machines which gives a manufacturer a chance to make carpets with various details, different looks, and with a lot of different colors. There is a few kinds of tufted carpets, one of the is a twist pile. Twist pile carpets are made up of an 80 % wool and 20% of synthetic fibers which can include nylon or some other mixed fibers or it can be manufactured using 100% polypropylene yarn. The other one type of tufted carpets is velvet pile carpet which is also made with the same percentage of wool and nylon as twisted pile but sometimes it can be manufactured using 100% wool. The main difference between twist pile carpets and velvet pile carpets is that twist pile carpets are basically used for all domestic locations, on the other hand, velvet piles are rather luxurious types of carpets. And the last one is loop pile carpets, that are mostly manufactured out of 100% wool, which can be usually found in neutral colors.

Knotted carpet are usually made of wool and at the most of the time is a hand-made carpet. There are two types of knots: asymmetric (Persian) and symmetric (Turkish). It is worth to mention that all of the asymmetric knots are used for making most of the Persian rugs. Those ones are the most precious in the world because they have a very good quality.

How to choose ideal carpet online for your home?

While you choosing a new carpet, be aware of its dimension, quality, and design of the carpet. Purchasing carpets or rugs online can sometimes be a little tricky, because of poor images and information. The dimension of the carpet depends on the living space. The carpets of large dimensions are not very popular today and also they keep a lot of dust and if you are not a fan of everyday rug cleaning, it can give you a real headache. Also, they visually can increase your living space and make it a bit claustrophobic. It’s much better to have smaller carpets (rugs) in different parts of a room, especially when it comes to smaller apartments. This helps to divide the parts of a small room and make it visually bigger. It’s worth to mention that carpets made from synthetic materials can be a layer of a house dust mites who can be very ”stubborn roommates ”. The position of the carpet depends on the part of the home you want to decorate, so in the place it under the table that is reaching the zone of sitting. In the dining room, it is recommended to cover the part where are the table and their chairs because it’s the best way to give a pleasure during the meal. In the sleeping room it’s usually placed near the bed or under the bed. The rugs can be put near the closet so you will be comfortable when you are changing your clothes. If you have kids, the carpet can be used to cover the whole floor, from wall to wall, or just to be put in the zone of kid’s playing. When it comes to choosing a color of carpet, you can buy a carpet with neutral or dynamic colors which depend on personal taste. But, it would be great if the carpet is in the color which suits the best to the other parts of the home such as sofa or walls. To make a living space a bit original and unusual, it’s a good choice to use a rug with asymmetric shapes and interesting design and color.

Wall hanging carpets are not much in use today, although in some cultures are still in use like the part of the tradition. This type of carpet’s usage is most often used in Indian homes as well as in Russian culture, but if you have enough courage you can make your home authentic place. The reason why the carpets had been used as a wall’s decoration was their expensiveness so the people avoided stepping on them in order keep them new and beautiful as long as possible. Today designer purposing to try to experiment with this while decorating your home. Wall hanging carpet on the white wall can look like an art piece, especially if it’s with an interesting design. For example, oriental motives on the carpet make your space cozy and unique. If you are lucky to have some of the valuable rugs from the Far East, it would be a pity not to hang it on the wall and the real carpet lovers will recognize this masterpiece.

At the end, all mentioned previously speaks about value of this ”piece” of textile which is not just a thing for keeping our feet warm but also they are an inevitable part of cultural heritage as well as indicators of creative ideas which make our home looks more beautiful. With all this in mind, it’s worth of spearing some money to buy some beautiful oriental masterpiece that will last for generations or maybe Scandinavian work of modern art which will please your futuristic and contemporary soul.